Anti Slip Floor Paint Safety Coat Hygienic 5L Best Ever Formula

Anti Slip Floor Paint Safety Coat Hygienic 5L Best Ever Formula

Safety Coat Hygienic has been re-formulated to produce a ‘Best in Class’ water based, anti slip epoxy resin, which incorporates Silver Ion technology and is ideal for areas where slip resistance, cleanliness and hygiene are as important as a hard wearing finish.

This tough, easy to use coating now dries faster to reduce downtime and lasts longer to save recoating costs. The rapid drying formula also allows the application of 2 coats in one day. Our unique blend of the best resins available with a ‘diamond hard’ wax and ceramic additive provide an attractive, low maintenance, hard wearing floor finish which lasts and lasts.

All grades now carry CE Mark EN1504-2 and have impressive test results for slip resistance, abrasion, scratch and impact resistance, as well as for adhesion, hardness and flexibility. They are also breathable, chemical resistant, safe for food production areas. The range carries an A+ VOC emissions rating with a low level of VOC.

All tests have been undertaken to ISO standard where applicable and demonstrated this ‘Best Ever Formulation’ to be 40% harder wearing than previously.


ppearance mid gloss with light texture
Delivery Time (Days) standard
Primer Required no
Usage - Interior / Exterior interior
Usage - Suitable for food storage and preparation areas, canteens or medical rooms
Usage - Properties attacks micro-organisms including MRSA, contains Triclosan, fine traction-enhancing particles, anti-slip, easily applied, extremely durable, chemical-resistant, non-flammable, solvent-free, virtually odourless formula
Usage - Surfaces concrete, sand and cement, wood
Max Operational Temp (deg C) 60
Coverage (m² per litre/kg) 6
Application - Curing Time (hours) 12 at 15 degrees
Application - Pot Time (hours) 2 at 15 degrees
Application - Recommended Coats 2

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Anti Slip Floor Paint Safety Coat Hygienic 5L Best Ever Formula

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