Concrete Floor Sealer Clear Polyurethane And Primer 5L

Concrete Floor Sealer Clear Polyurethane And Primer 5L

A clear single pack, low viscosity penetrating first coat sealer designed to soak into the substrate, providing excellent adhesion of subsequent topcoats.

This product will reduce any risk of delamination due to poor penetration of heavy top coats.

Suitable for use with "Everest Trade Polyurethane (PU) Floor Paints" and to be used on bare or painted concrete.

Approximately 6-10 square metres per litre.

This varies depending on the condition of the concrete.

Under normal circumstances, it should be touch dry in 4 - 6 hours if well ventilated and conditions are dry.

Allow at least 8 hours after the last coat for the Everest Trade Paints Floor Primer and Sealer Paint to fully absorb into the concrete and dry.

Brush, Roller, or Sprayer.
Make sure the surface is 100% dry and free from any moisture or contaminants before application.

Store away from heat and naked flames. Secure lid between uses to prevent paint hardening.

White spirit or turpentine substitute can be used for thinning.

Ensure all surfaces are sound and clean, free from algae and moss. 
Ensure surface is completely dry and free from condensation and damp.
Remove any loose or flaking paint.


Approximately touch dry In 4 - 6 hours.
Reduces the risk of delamination.
Great coverage (6-10 square meters per litre)
Provides a great base coat for floor paints on bare concrete.
Heavy duty and long lasting.
High durability and is easy to clean.
For use with Everest Trade polyurethane floor paints

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Concrete Floor Sealer Clear Polyurethane And Primer 5L

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