Fire Retardant Treatment For Wood And Timber Non Toxic

Fire Retardant Treatment For Wood And Timber Non Toxic

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment is for use on wood and timber:

Soaks virtually ‘invisibly’ into woods and timber
Achieves Euroclass B (BS Class 0) Fire Propagation and Spread of Flame fire protection on solid timbers
Can be overcoated for decorative purposes
For internal and external use
Certificate application included
Remains effective for the lifetime of the substrate

Fire Retardant Treatment For Wood and Timber
Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment is a water based, clear solution that soaks into wood to leave the appearance of the timber virtually unchanged. Applied by brush, roller, spray, dip or vacuum method it achieves Euroclass B (BS Class 0) Fire Propagation and Spread of Flame fire protection on solid timbers. Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment can be used inside or out and the fire protection remains effective for the lifetime of the wood surface.

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment soaks into the woods surface, without leaving a clear glaze on top like a varnish. It then dries with virtually no evidence of the wood ever been treated, allowing you to keep the woods natural beauty. Zeroflame Treatment does not require over coating however it can be over coated for decoration and/or protection if desired (care should be taken that the fire retardant properties are not compromised).

Zeroflame's Fire Resistant Products:
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The Basics: 
What you really need to know...

Each 5L will treat 18.5m² and 20L 74m² (If applying to Cedar woods coverage reduces to 13.5m² per 5L and 54m² per 20L)
Protects internal & external timber to Euroclass B (BS Class 0)
Provides an almost invisible fire retardant treatment to the wood
Must be applied to bare timber ONLY.
Can be applied with a brush, roller, spray, dip or vacuum treatment.
A certificate application form is included with every purchase.
Tested and approved to various standards
Can be overcoated with certiain varnishes, stains and paints.
Application Areas
Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment is a fire retardant system for the fire protection of hardwoods, softwoods and other cellulose based substrates.

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment treated timber must only be used above the Damp Proof Course level and/or above ground contact. Trials should be carried out on decorative timber species to check any shade changes prior to the full application of the Treatment.

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment Advantages
Moisture resistant and unaffected by humidity
Suitable for interior and exterior use
Unaffected by wear
Simple specification
Suitable for non-specialist application
Suitable for off-site application
Applicable by brush, roller or spray
Non-toxic and non-allergic
Biologically and ecologically safe
Colourless and odourless
Maintenance free
Does not require over coating except for decoration
Certificate application included with each container
Un-Matched Performance
To say that Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment is revolutionary is an understatement, this remarkable product will protect timber substrates to British Standard Class 0 certification standard, can be used internally and externally, is not affected by moisture when dry, is non-toxic and non-allergic, the list goes on! Never before has there been such a simple product to use for the protection of timber against fire.

Directions for Use:
The substrate must be clean, dry and free from contamination; existing coats must be removed by stripping or sanding.

Each square metre of wood requires 270ml (360ml in the case of Cedar) of Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treament. Application method, site conditions, absorption rate of the timber, etc. will all impact on the number of coats it takes to achieve the require coverage rate. Do not mix with other solutions, stir well before use.

Use brush, roller, spray (use appropriate mask when spraying), dip or vacuum method.

After treatment of the substrate with Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment, the appearance of the timber should be virtually unchanged.

Please Note: For both internal and external use it is recommended that a sample of the substrate is coated to establish both absorption properties and possible colour change, particularly when used externally without a protective finishing coat as moisture may create a change in colour.

Care must be taken to comply with the coverage rate, including allowance for wastage, as inadequate application will affect the fire protection.

Drying Times
Coats should be applied at intervals of 40-60 minutes.
Drying time is 24 hours @ 20°C.
Fully cured after 7 days.
Minimum temperature for application is 5°C.
Do not apply to frozen substrate.
Maximum fire retarding capabilities acheived after 7 days.
Please Note: Drying times are dependent upon the absorption characteristics of the substrate and drying conditons. At low temperatures and/or conditions of relative humidity, drying times will be extended.

Where a final decorative finish is required, substrate must be fully dry before over-coating. We advise checking the moisture content of the substrate prior to application and applying the top coat to the manufacturers instructions. A small area of the substrate should be tested for compatibility before the full, final coat if applied. Contact the Technical Department for more information prior to overcoating Zeroflame Fire Retardant Treatment.

Protection Period:
Fire retardant properties will remain effective for the lifetime of the substrate.

Technical Data
Typical Coverage (per coat) 3.7m² per litre (2.7m² per litre on Cedar Woods)
Touch Dry 1 hour
Application Brush, Roller, Spray


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Fire Retardant Treatment For Wood And Timber Non Toxic

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